Pixlr.com - Tutorial #2 - Cutting Out an Image

Pixlr.com – Cutting Out an Image

This video tutorial demonstrates one method of cutting out the background of an image.  This technique is commonly employed to get rid of mismatched background colors in presentations.  It is a subtle, yet highly effective way to improve the aesthetics of your presentations.

I Don’t Understand What You Mean

Notice the difference between the two images below.  The image on the left has a big white square background whereas the image on the right has a transparent background.

Payton Jersey - Opaque and Transparent Backgrounds

Make sure you watch Tutorial #3 to learn how to save the image as a .PNG file to maintain transparency.


Introduction to Pixlr.com

Introduction to Pixlr.com

If you’re a wiz with a scissors, glue stick, and construction paper, but go cross-eyed when trying to design something on the computer, Pixlr.com might be just the thing for you.  Unlike expensive programs like Photoshop, that can cost upwards of $600, Pixlr.com is completely free, completely web-based, and suitable for just about any design task you may attempt as a teacher.

What’s In This Video?

This introductory video will show you some of the basic features of pixlr.com, and touch briefly on what some of the tools can do.  Watch the other tutorial videos on this channel to learn how to complete other, more advanced, design tasks.