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 Hi, I’m Mike Macfadden

I’m a business and technology teacher at Glenbrook South High School. I’m a lacrosse coach and club sponsor too. I use this blog to write about things that I think would help pre-service and rookie teachers.  I publish a newsletter every Sunday that features three resources, links, tools, and/or tricks that I’m using or that I’ve come across that I think could enhance your professional practice.

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About Me

I’m married to a wonderful woman named Michelle, and we have a dog named Cali. I have more hobbies than I can keep track of, but here are some of them: reading, binge-watching good TV, exercising, and making up songs for my nieces while playing the three chords I still remember on the guitar. I also like building things, tinkering, the outdoors, BBQ, crock pot meals, and country music and non-country music. Most of what I write here has to do with education.